Reed Diffusers: The Perfect Summer Scent Option

As summer gets fully underway, one ideal option to use along with scented candles is reed diffusers, which can revitalize the atmosphere in any room. And they can also help create a super-relaxing environment in your home throughout the summer.

If you’re unfamiliar with reed diffusers, an aromatic perfume emanates from scented fluid placed at the bottom of the bottle. The scent can last for months, and offers the perfect alternative summer fragrance, opening up a multitude of possibilities to help you enjoy all your favorite scents at home.

Reed diffusers create no extra heat and use no electrical power to disperse their invigorating scent.

And, as with cosmetic perfumes we wear on our skin, home scents in the warmer months should be fresher and lighter than those we use in cooler weather.

Use them to unwind after a hot summer’s evening, or to refresh a house which may have grown stuffy as the mercury rises. And there are some wonderful summery scents available, from ones which can transport you to a Sicilian lemon grove, or offer the fragrance of a Moroccan rose to Brazilian rosewood.

Alternatively, perhaps jasmine or a scent evoking a Provence lavender field would be more to your liking?

Why not start with some summer scents now to welcome the summer? And with the Olympics rapidly approaching, giving countless entertaining possibilities, you need no extra excuse to create a fresh atmosphere for you and your guests to relax in.

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